Grafton wasn’t being attacked by giant bats. There’s a spot on my camera lens that I can’t locate. This shot was taken from the bank of the Mississippi River lest than half a mile from the confluence with the Illinois River, right in downtown Grafton. It’s looking downstream (south), with the cliffs along Route 100 on the left.


As we drove through Grafton, we looked for interesting stores. We found only one — Iron Decor & More. The yard was covered with interesting metal sculptures. The inside was pretty sparse, with smaller pieces of metal art on the walls and some glassware. We bought a roadrunner — it’s standing on the chair in this photo.


We ate lunch at the Fin Inn, not because we were hungry — we weren’t — but because of the novelty. Each booth had its own window into one of several large aquariums filled with fish and turtles. In our tank, a large, colorful catfish swam back and forth, back and forth.


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