Great American Fun

Hooray for free passes. On Saturday we went to Great America with Nate, Karen and Hannah. The weather was perfect, the crowd was small and the price was right. We stuck around about six hours, did most of the major coasters at least once and had a riot — as you can see by my facial expression in this photo.

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The best coaster by far was Superman. We were in the front row, and at one point when we were being whipped around an outside loop, I could see nothing but sky. I was flying!

Here’s Superman as seen from the loading platform.

At the end of the ride, we paused in a holding zone until the next ride could load. This is no problem — except that we were upside down the whole time. Here we are waiting to get out.

On overview of the park from the top of Condor.

I took this one while going about 70 mph upside-down.

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    I’ve never been very intrigued by roller coasters…the things Americans do to have fun… ;-P

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