House Hunting

Nate and Karen showed up on Saturday morning with donuts. The weather showed up too. Friday’s 60° had turned into 4° with snow. Nolan Burt picked us up, and we spent the day looking at houses—13 of them.


Several didn’t have finished basements. A few were in bad repair. A couple caught our attention. There was a nice town home with beautiful views over an open area with the mountains in the background, but it was too small. There was another house much like our last house, but it was too large (six bedrooms, three sitting areas) and would have needed quite a bit of renovation. One, in particular, got us excited at first. The inside was very nice and the view out the back windows was amazing.


But we couldn’t quite pull the trigger. That fence, for one. And on the left, there’s a busy road and a high school. The next house on the right is about three feet away, and there’s an odd public sidewalk that loops behind and comes within about 15 feet of the house. And it sits at the end of a row in a way that makes it feel very exposed. (We drove back by ourselves a couple days later and looked at it again. After standing there for maybe 15 minutes, we decided it was just too exposed.)


The snow had stopped by noon, but it was still cold. Nolan took us all out to lunch at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

We ended the day out in Falcon where we saw several newer homes, none of which had finished basements. In one, the owner was out shoveling his drive. Nolan told him we were there to see the house, but as we sat in the car, he didn’t seem inclined to hurry or leave. Finally, Nolan went out to talk with the guy again. He thought Nolan was his realtor. He invited us inside, but he and his wife stood in the kitchen and chatted with each other, ignoring us. Several kids roamed around and gave us strange looks. No effort had been made to clean the house or present it well. It was odd. I asked the guy which door led to the basement. He informed me that the basement was downstairs. We didn’t stay long.

Outside the last house, a cottontail came running over and stopped right next to Nate’s foot. I didn’t get my phone out quite in time. You can see it disappearing under the car.


Nate and Karen drove all the way home on Sunday. I shoveled the Chase’s drive, then went for a stroll around Monument and took some photos.





Meanwhile, the cats had settled into the basement just fine.



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