House of Random Background Music

On Thursday night, the conference attendees ate supper at local restaurants, which meant that we had three hours when the booth was shut down. We wanted a nice, sit-down meal, but we didn’t want to drive far. We ended up at House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

House of Blues — Downtown Disney, Florida (1/17/13)

This was OK with me. I’ve long suspected that there is blues music I would like, but I haven’t found it yet. I thought perhaps a leisurely supper while listing to somebody wailing with a guitar would immerse me in the genre and open a whole new world.

The restaurant was pleasant, with folk art on the walls. Here’s the piece that was right next to my seat. It’s titled “Crazy Cat on Rust” by Glenn “Froggy” Fox of Tucker, Georgia.

Crazy Cat on Rust

The blues were non-existent. There was background music, but it wasn’t blues and there was no live performance. Oh well.

I ordered rigatoni and split it with Julie who ordered a vegetable flat bread (think pizza). The rigatoni was OK. The flat bread was amazing.

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