Wise Man Part 1

About a week before Labor Day, I passed Karen in the hallway at work, and she asked me if I would like to be a wise man. Well, who wouldn’t? It seemed to work out well for Solomon, at least for a while. I said sure.

And so last Friday we headed north into Wisconsin with John, the photographer and Peter who also wanted to be a wise man. Our destination was Jo-Don Farms, a petting zoo/animal rental business.


At first glance, it seemed like a rinky-dink operation, but after we’d been there a while, it still seemed like a rinky-dink operation. But the guys who worked there were very nice and did everything they could to help us out. They even offered to send a truck to the Milwaukee County Zoo and bring us a Bactrian Camel, which nobody has ever offered me before.

The acre or so of cages contained an odd assortment of horses, donkeys, camels, birds, goats, cattle and such like. There was also a lion, a tiger (more on him later) and two cougars. Many of the animals in the cages didn’t match the signs on the cages. The wire that separated us from the animals was thin and didn’t seem very secure. It would have been very simple for me to stick my arm in the lion cage, for example, to see if it was hungry. I didn’t do that (I was about to be a wise man, remember), but it would have been simple.


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