Christmas Eve

After leaving Whatta-burger, we drove around a while on Arkansas back roads looking for photo-ops. It was a gray and gloomy day, so we didn’t see much apart from some typical Arkitecture.


The next day was Christmas Eve. The weather was much the same. We drove to Conway to my mother- and father-in-law’s house where all the Arkansas and Arizona relatives gathered for our traditional Christmas Eve Junk Food Extravaganza. In recent years, my mother-in-law has insisted on including some healthy food in the mix, bu,t as you can see, junk food still predominates. The roll-looking things in the foreground are runzas, made by my niece Katherine in two flavors — sausage and pepperoni.


We all ate way too much and hardly made a dent in the food. But we had a lot of fun eating and chatting and watching my daughter try to knit a scarf. (But let me say that she kept at it diligently and, after several false starts, managed to knit herself a dandy scarf.)

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