Illinois Backroads

I had to get the rental car back by 5:30 or pay for another day. Time was short, but I took the risk and got off the Interstate for a while. My route took me through the small town of Morrisonville, and I had to make a quick U-turn to get a photo of this store.


The largest town on my side trip was Taylorville. I searched on line to see if it had anything interesting to offer. I discovered it had a monument to Lincoln (of course), this one with a pig.

Taylorville was the last stop on the Eight Judicial Circuit that Lincoln used to ride. The old courthouse had a space underneath it that allowed pigs to get out of the sun. Their squealing sometimes interrupted court cases, and, supposedly, Lincoln once asked the judge to issue a “writ of quietus” to the pigs. That’s part of the reason for this statue. The other reason is because the town couldn’t afford a statue of Lincoln on a horse.



I plotted a route with two objectives in mind. First, to enter four Central Illinois counties I’d never been in and, second, to make the side trip as short as possible. This meant that I was on some very minor roads like this one — Township Road 2100 North, east of Dalton City, Illinois. Scenery wasn’t one of my objectives. It was so windy that I could hardly exit my rented SUV, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph this beautiful view.


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