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  1. cbcsparksdirector says:

    Yeah, whatever

  2. Tim S says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  3. justme says:

    oh brother!!!

  4. jeff says:

    It’s stuff like this, not to mention racism, that cracks me up when people talk about how wonderful life was in the 50’s! Everyone was miserable! Men would even get sick of intellectually bankrupt idiot wives.

  5. Tim S says:

    I couldn’t say how bad (or good) life was in the 50’s, I wasn’t there. But I doubt everyone was miserable. It’s probable that this article wasn’t meant to be serious and may have simply been a swipe at the traditional housewife as feminism was gaining momentum at the time.
    While some of these “suggestions” are obviously over the top, I don’t believe the premise is flawed. And the woman who desires to manage her home and please her husband shouldn’t be presumed an intellectually bankrupt idiot. A similar and equally demanding list could be given to the husband based on loving his wife as “Christ loved the church and gave himself up for it.” When one considers what that really means it may be preferable to arrange the pillow and take off the shoes.

    On a lighter note, I emailed this article to my wife yesterday (in jest), to which she merely responded “ok, I’ll try the ribbon thing.” When I got home there was no ribbon (she couldn’t find one) but she had put on a headband. I’ll call that progress.

  6. jeff says:

    Tim, I would agree to some extent, but this list smacks more of legalism, especially when it says to try to be sincere while doing this stuff. This list comes nowhere near explaining how a wife is to love her husband the way the Church is to love and reverance Christ. Anyone who approaches things like this with legalism does indeed become an intellectually bankrupt idiot.

  7. nikedefeated says:

    ha ha ha! i like the mispellings. they are funny. and be a little gay? oh the 1950s liberation movements…

    yes…i am kidding…

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