I actually met my  neighbor Jim before we bought our house. On the day we first came to look at it, he was working in his yard. I asked him if he had problems with kids coming into his yard from the woodlot in the back. (He said no.)

Not long after we moved in, I took on the project of cutting out all the huge, overgrown yew bushes in the front. I wasn’t far into it when Jim came over with his chainsaw. Since then, we’ve watched each other’s houses, shoveled each others walks and drives (although I’ve been the benefactor here much more often than he has), helped each other with various projects and spend many hours talking over the fence. 

Jim’s hobby is training dogs to do nosework and running competitive trials. His dog, Indy, is a Vizsla, an ancient breed from Hungary. 

Jim had me hide the lure under the red chair in my yard, then brought Indy over. It took him about three minutes to find it. I expected him to point, but he just smacked the chair with his paw as if to say, “This was too easy.” I barely had time to snap the photo.


Jim gave him his reward.


And then Indy found something much more interesting to occupy his attention.



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