Is This A Great Country, or What?

Today I had jury duty. At the start of the day, a judge took 45 minutes to explain why we were there and what we were required to do. She said the the right to a trial by one's peers was second only to the right to vote on the list of things that make our country the greatest country in the world.

I sat in an uncomfortable chair in a large room for five-and-a half-hours (with an hour off for lunch), reading a book I brought along (good thing, because most of the approximately 3,000 magazines in the room were at least a year old — I think they buy them at garage sales). There were perhaps 120 jurors at the beginning of the day. About 100 of them were called to courtrooms at one time or another. I was one of the few who were never called. One of my fellow jurors, a gentleman of considerable avoirdupois, spent a good portion of the afternoon snoring loudly enough to be clearly heard over all the conversations, four TVs and other noises in the room.

At 2:30, I was dismissed to go home. I was given a number to call to find out if I will be given an opportunity to make my country great again tomorrow.

You're welcome.

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