It only took 30 trips up and down the stairs

Tonight I accomplished the first of my Adventures at Home. I bounced a ping-pong ball down the basement stairs and tried to land it in a glass.  Wisely, I used four ping-pong balls, so I didn’t have to run down and back up the stairs quite as often.

The cat came over early on to see what I was up to, then wandered down to the bottom of the stairs to be closer to the action. At times, she was even a participant.

Five balls bounced off the rim before one of them finally — on my 119th try — landed in the glass. I climbed the stairs 30 times each way. Here’s the cat verifying that the ball is truly in the glass.

It was a challenge, but climbing all those stairs was tiring and I worked up quite a sweat. But I can say I did it, and you can’t take that away from me.

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4 Responses to It only took 30 trips up and down the stairs

  1. jeff says:

    As one of my parishoners told me after a particularly rousing sermon, “You never seem to amaze me.”

  2. Jonathan says:

    Sally must be so proud.
    BTW, what a beautiful wreath that is at the bottom of the stairs.

  3. Katherine says:

    Yeah, I like the wreath too. Very nice. :-)

  4. beth says:

    you have too much time on your hands……you need to be working 3 jobs like me!

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