Josh and Sarah Save the Day

We had some furniture we didn’t want to move. But it was nice furniture we didn’t really want to get rid of either. We were happy when our Arkansas family said they’d take it. Joshua and Sarah came up with Keren and Caleb and were a tremendous help as we got things ready. They packed the furniture and a lot of other stuff into a trailer behind their SUV. They helped me carry a huge stack of boxes up from the basement. They took a load of Beth’s stuff down to the Kauffman’s to store. And Josh helped me clean the garage while Sarah and Keren helped Sally pack the kitchen. It was tremendous having them around during a very stressful time, and their willingness to jump in and work even before I asked was a huge help.

Keren proves that the stairway spindles are not dangerous.


Sarah and Caleb confront the chair.



We tried to get Caleb to sit in the big chair, but he doesn’t like to bend in the middle. 



The world changed every day for the cats. Millie liked to explore …


… but Lucy had pretty much had it by this point. 


But not always.




On Saturday morning, before they left, they got the pure joy of watching Santa go by on a firetruck. Maybe not joy, exactly …


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