Jury Duty — Day 2

I hate it when government employees use official jargon to impress civilians. After I spent another day reading in an uncomfortable chair, a jury clerk walked to the front of the assembly room and told us "The three trials that were scheduled for today have gone away."

My time wasn't totally wasted. I investigated my theory that the county buys the magazines for the jury assembly room at garage sales. Among other obscure periodicals, I discovered Catamaran Cruising, Baby Talk, Microwaves & RF and the ever-popular Cabinet Making. I did happen upon one Glamour magazine dated May, 2007, but that was so much more recent than any of the others I saw that I suspect it was left behind by a juror.

UPDATE: I just called the number I was given and … I'm done. My service is over. I've done my part to keep our country great. Again, you're welcome.

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