LaSalle Flower Shop

I took the train down to Chicago recently and walked to Moody Bible Institute to do some research in the library. Of course, it was raining — it’s rained everywhere I’ve been this year.

About a block from Moody, I passed LaSalle Flower Shop.


I was a little surprised to see it was still there, considering the experience I had long ago. Sal and I had been dating for a few months and, of course, I invited her to spring banquet. At the last minute, I remembered that I needed to buy her flowers. I dashed down to LaSalle Flowers a day or so before the banquet and ordered a bouquet.  I’m not sure what it was — I remember it being roses, but I’m not sure what the receipt says (and yes, I still have the original receipt) and it doesn’t look like roses in the photo.


I picked it up a couple hours before the banquet. When I gave it to Sal, and she opened the box, we discovered that the thing stunk. It was awful, like it had rotted or something. Sal was a good sport about it and wore it for the formal part of the evening. Here it is — I’m sorry I can’t offer you a “scratch-and-sniff.”


Anyway, I’m surprised the store has lasted another 30 years. No doubt they live off Moody students. The banquet was Chinese. Our fortunes read, “You will have success as you desire,” and “You are about to make a most valuable discovery.” I’m not sure which of them was whose.

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2 Responses to LaSalle Flower Shop

  1. siri says:

    Uh, what’s with the sideburns? :)

    Both the Carge cein and the Beele are beautiful and nice-smelling flowers. The bouquet shouldn’t have stunk. My guess is the flowers must have gone bad during the delivery. Aliens in lycra delivering flowers transworld on foot didn’t strike me as the most expedient.

    Sally looks gorgeous!

  2. karen says:

    You seem to keep mementos of everything, so maybe saving the receipt for those flowers is just the kind of thing you do, but it’s still very sweet.

    Also, Sally is seriously stunning!! You lucked out, dude.

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