Lunch Break

On my lunch break on Friday, I headed east on Main Street to visit a store I found on Roadside America. On the way, I passed a parking lot that had two unmarked statues tucked into the fence. The first was, I assume, Alice in Wonderland.



The store I was heading for is called Why Louisville. It’s filled with all sorts of bizarre stuff, some of it on sale and some of just for decoration. I bought an inflatable beard, mostly because the box said “Not a Toy” as if it could have any other purpose. Jae, the guy who checked me out, was very friendly and, when I asked, gave me permission to take pictures with the chair around the store.

He even agreed to get his own photo taken.


This statue of Colonel Sanders is wearing one of his actual custom-made suits.



This sign was on the sidewalk in front of the store.


Just a few doors down from Why Louisville, I passed Please & Thank  You, a cafe that advertised Louisville’s Best Chocolate-Chip Cookie. I rushed in and congratulated them and told them “good job.” No I didn’t, but I was thinking it. I did go in and buy a cookie.

It was very good and very gooey and messy. I can’t tell you if it was the best in Louisville until I’ve had all the others.


I didn’t have time to go inside Joe Ley Antiques, but I did anyway. It was filled with amazing stuff and I could have spent a couple hours browsing. Instead, I took perhaps 10 minutes. I made sure the guy at the desk saw my chair on the way in.





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