Marigold Cafe

I asked the guys at work to name their go-to restaurant in the Springs. A couple of them named this place. We headed over on a Tuesday evening.


It wasn’t full when we arrived, but we were stuck at a narrow table against an interior half-wall. You can see the top of Sally’s head just to the left of the first flowerpot. 


Sally had the rotisserie chicken. I had chicken penne rigatte. Both were very good, as were the salads and the piece of citrus cheesecake we split for dessert.



We had no complaints. Everything was good. But somehow it just didn’t become our go-to restaurant. As I do regularly these days. Whenever I’m somewhere I haven’t been before, I take off and explore. We wandered around the Rockrimmon neighborhood for a while before making our way back to I-25 and Monument. On the way, we had this view to the north west. The taller mountain on the left is Mount Herman, which I climbed a couple weeks back.


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