Maybe Penultimate

As you know by now, I’m willing to try pretty much any food. I just don’t end up liking most of it. My tastes are simple — there’s not much I like better than a good ham and cheese sandwich.

With that in mind, I googled “best ham and cheese sandwich Chicagoland.” Instead of the restaurant I expected, I got a recipe — Rachael Ray’s Ultimate Ham and Cheese Sandwich. It looked pretty good, but when I saw that it involved cooking … Then my wonderful wife wandered into the room and said that, if I printed off the recipe, she’d make the sandwich.

And so she did. She even made the “greens” with raspberry dressing.

The sandwich wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t call it “ultimate.” I’d rate it somewhere between “I’ll eat it, but I’d never order it,” and “Can I have a second helping, please?” In other words, a 3.5. I thought the salad dressing was underwhelming. To be fair, my wife thought it was the best part of the meal.

The search continues.

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  1. kelli says:

    Rachael is given to hyperbole.

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