McHenry County Fair

You never get around to seeing the sights close to home, right? So I made another list — Things to Do in McHenry County.

The County Fair was on this weekend. None of my family members were excited about going, so I headed over by myself. After getting halfway there and realizing I’d brought my camera case but not my camera and turning around and driving all the way home and getting my camera and turning back around and driving all the way there and then driving right past the place without seeing it and having to turn around and drive back, I parked and paid my $7. It wasn’t the most exciting three and a half hours I’ve ever spent, but it had its moments. I’ll save the major features for future posts, but here’s an overview.

I’ll start with the highlight of any fair — walking about looking at the back end of cows.

There was also a chainsaw wood carver who impressed me by how quickly he worked.

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2 Responses to McHenry County Fair

  1. n8 says:

    That picture with the large man in front of the Zero Gravity tent is hilarious!

  2. Jamie says:

    so, did you go to the sheep barn worship service?

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