Moose Sculpture, Pioneer Court — Chicago, Illinois

On my way from Navy Pier to the Metra station, I passed through Pioneer Court next to the Tribune Tower by the Michigan Avenue Bridge. It was still raining fairly hard, I was wet throughout, and the plaza was covered with about two inches of standing water. In short, I wasn’t doing a lot of sight-seeing — I was hurrying home.

But I couldn’t help noticing the life-size, chrome moose standing right in front of me. I looked it up on the Internet and discovered it’s a temporary exhibit, part of an event called Artists + Automobiles. Five area artists were allowed to salvage parts from wrecked cars and make sculptures. Four of the exhibits are in Grant Park. The moose, created by John Kearney, is made of car bumpers and stands nine feet high. It will be there until October 15.

Wet moose in Pioneer Court

By June 11, 2009, the Moose had wandered to the other side of Pioneer Court.

June 11, 2009

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