My First Shamrock Shake

Do you ever wonder about random, inconsequential stuff?

For example:

  • In how many photographs taken by strangers do I appear in the background?
  • Is it possible that I have the potential to be really, really good at something I’ve never tried?
  • How many different McDonald’s have I been to in my life?

There’s no way to answer these questions.

So anyway, on the first really nice day of the year I drove north to Richmond and took a five-mile walk in a forest preserve. I parked just a couple blocks from a McDonald’s, so when finished, I headed over to buy something to drink. When I walked inside, I saw a sign that said “Shamrock Shakes Are Back!”

It occurred to me that I couldn’t remember ever having a Shamrock Shake. It seems incredible that I haven’t tried one at some point, but if I did, it made no impression on me. I bought one.

And then I decided that this was a memorable-enough occasion for a red chair photo. I placed the chair in the parking lot, set the timer on my camera for 10 seconds, walked to the chair and photographed myself taking my first ever sip of a Shamrock Shake. Except I set the timer for 3 seconds, not 10 seconds.

So here, for your viewing enjoyment, is a photograph of me approximately seven seconds before I took my first ever sip of a Shamrock Shake.

You don’t get a second chance to take a photo of a first sip. When it’s done, it’s done.

For the record, I expected the Shamrock Shake to have that mediciny mint taste you get in some ice cream, but it was pretty good.

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One Response to My First Shamrock Shake

  1. kelli says:

    Steve’s first Shamrock Shake was in Ireland. IN IRELAND.
    True dat.

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