My Ultimate Doodle

I’ve always been an inveterate (That’s a redundancy, isn’t it? And can “inveterate” be used in a non-pejorative sense?) doodler.

I doodle in meetings, I doodle on my church notes. I doodled when I was in school. So when I got hold of an outline map of the U.S. back in high school, it was doodler’s delight. This work of art(?) took me several days, and I’ve always been rather proud of it. Obviously — since I’ve held on to it for about 35 years now.

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3 Responses to My Ultimate Doodle

  1. cbcsparksdirector says:

    Doodling must be hereditary.

    I doodle constantly.

    My Acts notes at Moody were totally framed by ivy. I doodle in church, in work meetings and when I’m talking on the phone.

  2. beth says:

    i do it too…..ALLLL the time

  3. beth says:

    but it makes me angry when people yell at me for it because they think I’m not paying attention… actually helps me pay attention, because then I have something to do with my body that doesn’t require a lot of thinking so I’m not distracted by other things and I can focus more on what’s being said……………that made more sense in my head.

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