Needles Highway

Nate and I climbed one of the rocks. I brought the Red Chair and placed it so I could take a photo with the Needles Eye, a slot in one of the rocks. Karen was down below and heard a woman talking about how much she liked how it looked up there. Her companion said something in response, the woman said, “Oh no, I think someone just put it up there.”

We discovered that the Needles were only about a mile from our lodge where we’d been staying all week. Sal and I went back the next day. We parked at an overlook, and a Gray Jay flew up to say hi.

I grabbed some almonds from the car because Gray Jays are very tame and can often be coaxed to eat from your hand. This one disappeared, but I also noticed a whole herd of Least Chipmunks. It took me about 10 seconds to get one to grab the nut.

The tunnel on the right is the tunnel in the earlier photo.

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