Neillsville, Wisconsin

On Friday morning, several of us took the dirt roads from our campground to Neillsville to go disc golfing. The course was nicely laid out, and fairly well maintained, but oddly, it had only 15 holes.

After golfing, we headed to the Midtowne Cafe, the only restaurant in Neillsville that had received a review on Yelp.

Our server said their bacon cheeseburger was the house special, so I ordered that. It was tasty, but there was way too much bun for the amount of meat. The homemade chips were very good.

Fire Hydrant shot of Neillsville.

You can’t stop in Neillsville without visiting Chatty Belle, the world’s largest talking cow, and the Wisconsin pavilion from the 1964 World’s Fair.

Chatty Belle

My recommendation for a town slogan — “Who doesn’t like big cows?”

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