Neillsville, Wisconsin

Our route north took us through Neillsville, Wisconsin. It was already 1:00 pm when we hit town, so we stopped at an A&W stand for lunch.

Just up the road was Chatty Belle, the “world’s largest talking cow.”


We put .50 in the slot and listened to her talk. Sorry about the video. I forgot for a moment that I can’t take video with my camera held sideways and I didn’t figure it was worth another .50 to fix it.

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The cow stood next to a radio station housed in the Wisconsin Pavilion from the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. The building was supposed to be dismantled after the fair, but WCCN purchased it and rebuilt it in Neillsville.

The main floor of the building is a gift shop with Wisconsin souvenirs and locally-made products. We bought some maple sugar candy that was so awful we had to throw it away. I’m pretty sure it was left over from the fair.

The basement contained three or four small displays of souvenirs from the fair itself.

The pavilion was the main reason we went through Neillsville. I actually went to that fair with my mom and sister. I don’t remember the Wisconsin Pavilion — I don’t remember much about the fair at all — but I might have seen it. Here’s a picture of me in my World’s Fair hat.

Neillsville used to display another World’s Fair-related item, a replica of the world’s largest block of cheese (34,591 pounds) that was exhibited at the Pavilion. But alas, the replica has disappeared.

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