Nicole (again)

No, I am not taking a break from cleaning up hazardous material, and I am not an extra in a really bad music video. I just hate getting wet.

We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning during our camping trip at Turkey Run. By the time I left my tent to go to breakfast, it wasn’t raining all that much. I knew, however, that everything outside would be wet, so I put on my rain suit. My fellow campmates found it funny that I was wearing an entire rain suit rather than just a jacket (by the way, jackets don’t keep the rain off your legs), so Roger asked if he could take a picture of me and my rain suit in the red chair.

When he asked I thought, “Doesn’t he remember he took my picture in the red chair the day of Michayla’s wedding?” I don’t know why, but for some reason I assumed there was an unspoken only-one-time-in-the-red-chair policy. I didn’t want to seem rude though by questioning him, so I sat in the red chair and let him snap away.

Whether the only-one-time-in-the-red-chair policy actually exists or not, I am honored to have had my picture taken a second time in the red chair. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a third appearance – hopefully next time in a better outfit.

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