North Market

We went here, near downtown Columbus, in search of a highly-recommended donut shop called Destination Donuts. When my GPS brought me to the address, we found out it was in an old warehouse called North Market.



We wandered the crowded aisles for several minutes before we found our destination. It was closed. No explanation, just a booth with curtains over it and a big sign on the wall.


Discouraged, we decided to see what else we could find to eat. And found some Destination Donuts in another booth. We bought two, one with raspberry/lemon topping (good) and one turtle (very good).


Since we were there, we opted to buy lunch too. Sal got a polish sausage and pierogis at this place.


I got a decent cheeseburger at Best of the Wurst. We ate in the car in the parking lot.


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