Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.

Thing #28 — Go to Woodstock for the Groundhog Day ceremonies.

We set our alarm for 5:00 am and actually got up when it went off — even though it was dark and cold outside. We got to the square in Woodstock around 6:15 and parked right next to the Gobbler’s Knob location from the film.

Starbucks was open, so we headed there for something warm. This was my first ever trip to a Starbucks — two adventures in one day! Sal ordered a tall skim no whip mocha, I got a tall hot chocolate. We sat in the comfy chairs by the door and listened to the locals greet each other.

The side of Sally’s cup was printed with The Way I See It #210: People should get out of their comfort zones on a daily basis … It will make you so much more interesting. — Raymond Lawson, Starbucks Customer from Aurora, Illinois

I thought that was pretty funny, since I knew of some people from Aurora, Illinois who were warm and cozy in their comfort zones at that very moment.

We headed out into the cold and wandered into the square. We were almost immediately approached by a young man who identified himself as Rob Phillips, a reporter from the Daily Herald, and asked if he could chat with us. We told him where we were from and why we were there, but we didn’t get a mention in his article. I did get my photo in the article from the Northwest Herald (see next post).

It was cold. Sally thought about going back to Starbucks to wait, but we were standing front and center and didn’t want to give up our spots. We were even there when Woodstock Willie was carried up in his cage and put into the stump. I got to chatting with a couple of men who were standing nearby. They were locals who go every year and had even come out to see the “lighting of the groundhog” last night.

I saw in the paper that Woodstock was expecting 1,000 people, but only about 100 showed up, no doubt because of the weather. But we were having fun — and by this time we were numb.

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