On Headlights

We were on our way to the Catlow Theater last night to see The Blind Side. We were only a few blocks from home when I realized it was getting dark and my headlights should be on. There was a car approaching from the opposite direction, so I waited until it was right next to me and then switched on my lights.

I chuckled at myself and then told my wife, “I’ve always had this strange determination to never let other drivers see me turn my lights on. I always wait until I get to a place where it’s unlikely anyone will see them go on.”

I fully expected my wife to tell my how weird I am, but instead she said, “I do that too.”

Which now has me wondering. Is this a strange quirk that we just happen to have in common, or this this a wide-spread feeling that a lot of people share?

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8 Responses to On Headlights

  1. kelli says:

    Totally do this.
    Maybe it’s from that weird urban myth that if you flash your lights at a gangsta he will kill you.

  2. Roger says:

    That’s not my reason. I routinely flash my lights when I see someone who should have his on.

  3. karen says:

    My headlights are set to turn on anytime the engine is running.

  4. Tim Rathjen says:

    I think this is widespread. How often do you see someone turn on their headlights.
    I totally did this before I had a car with always on headlights.

  5. TimS says:

    That’s stupid. And yes, I used to do it too.

  6. n8 says:

    Yup. Same here.

  7. Mary Alice says:

    Did you like the movie?

  8. Roger says:

    This is the second time we’ve seen it. I liked it, although I’m sorry the faith of the family has been watered down by Hollywood.

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