Picasso Statue — Chicago, Illinois

On our walk back to the Metra station, we passed through the Richard J. Daley Plaza so we could check off another item on the list of 30 Things Everyone Should Do In Greater ChicagolandGet your picture taken by the Picasso Statue in the Daley Center Plaza.

It was dark by this time, so the photo came out a bit grainy, but there’s no doubt about where I am.

Me and Picasso

Even though the statue has gained the affection that comes from familiarity (it’s been around since 1967), it’s still ugly. There used to be a rumor that Picasso had left a letter revealing what, exactly, this was a statue of. But the time when that letter was supposed to be opened has come and gone and I’ve yet to hear what it is. I suspect that Picasso didn’t know himself.

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