Pick Your Own Cherries

I’ve never been able to figure out the appeal of pick-your-own fruit. Pay money to stand in mud and heat, surrounded by bugs and work? I don’t think so. There’s always fruit for sale at these places that has already been picked by someone else. That’s the method for me.

But it’s different when it’s my own tree.

The previous owners of our house planted a pie cherry tree in the backyard shortly before we moved in. It was a tiny thing, hardly noticeable next to the fence. (You can click on the photo to see the difference five years has made.)

During the first four summers we were in the house, it didn’t produce a lot of fruit. And what it did produce, the birds generally got to before I did. I ate maybe eight cherries during those four years.

But this year, the tree suddenly burst forth as though it finally discovered its purpose in life. And I beat the birds.

I picked a bowlful over the course of two days, and Sally picked another a couple days later. She made a pie with the cherries and her amazing pie crust.

Fresh off the tree, the cherries were very tart, but the pie was AMAZING.

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2 Responses to Pick Your Own Cherries

  1. karen says:

    Go Sally!!!
    The pie looks great!
    And I agree, her pie crust is amazing.


  2. kelli says:

    Yay Sally!!! I love eating pie (and pasta salad) (and dinner rolls) made by Sally!

    I’m inspired.

    Except I don’t have cherry tree. I do have a trap with lots of Japanese beetles in it. I bet they’d make an interesting pie filling.

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