Poor Richard’s

Poor Richard’s, in downtown Colorado Springs, is a bookstore, coffee shop, toy store and sandwich/pizza shop all in one.



There’s a lot of like about the place, and a lot that made me roll my eyes. We started in the sandwich shop.


They had no ham and cheese (!), so I ordered an avocado and Swiss cheese on rye. It was tasty, but it would have been better with ham.


The wall next to our table was covered with flyers about pot, yoga, and local mindfulness seminars. One of the servers was a guy wearing a skirt.

We wandered the aisles of the toy shop, but we didn’t buy anything. I took a photo to show what type of place it was. This bin of cheap toys included cats, dogs, tigers, bears, dinosaurs, octopuses, lobsters … and buddhas. 


The bookstore had some odd stuff too, including a lot of new age books.




But the history and fiction sections had a wide selection, and I bought a book of western short stories. 

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