Pop Crate Shelves

About ten years ago, I had a brilliant idea—collect old wooden pop crates and hang them on a wall to make a giant printers’ drawer-type arrangement. I bought one here and one there, paying about $20 for each. When I had about six of them, I hung them on the wall in the basement of the Cary house and displayed an assortment of Pepsi cans on them. Beth moved home, and I didn’t do anything more with them. But I kept buying one now and again. Mostly I bought Pepsi, but I also bought a Double Cola crate and, for some reason, three 7up crates. 

When we moved to Colorado, I sold off my Pepsi can collection. I debated whether to get rid of the crates too, but after having my vision for so long, I couldn’t do it. I packed them up and put them on the truck.

On our second weekend in the new house, I bought the hardware I needed and put them on the wall in my loft/study.




It turned out looking every bit as good as I expected. I put the three photos above on Facebook and got a lot of likes. And then I filled them.




I think I might buy three or four more, but I’m in no rush. 

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