Push Butt

You know those hand dryers you find in public restrooms? The ones with the instructions that are supposed to say "1) Push button. 2) Rub hands gently under warm air." Have you ever seen one that wasn't defaced and made to say "1) Push butt. 2) Rub hands gently under arm."?

Why is that?

Does it only happen in men's rooms, or are ladies' rooms also vandalized?

Is there some guy who has made it his mission in life to travel around the country, visiting public restrooms and scratching off the letters on air dryers with a special tool he's made just for that purpose?

Does the company manufacture them that way, figuring that it will happen anyway so they might as well get it over with?

Or are there really 147,000 equally stupid people who have nothing better to do with their time than hang out in public restrooms with sharp objects?

And one last question — Do any of you think "1) Push butt. 2)Rub hands gently under arm." is funny enough to be worth the effort?
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