Random Arkansas

Three photos I took in Arkasas that didn't really fit in any of my posts.

On my way down to Hope on Interstate 30, I ran into a traffic jam. Twenty minutes of creeping along brought me to this.

I'm not sure how it got there, but it tore up a lot of sod on the way. That's chiefly mud and grass on the pavement. A while after I cleared the jam, I heard on the radio that traffic was at a standstill in both directions while it was being towed away.

I took this quick shot out the windshield on our drive home from Mount Magazine. Rogers Dairy Cream was fun enough, but I got a bigger kick out of the marquee that points to the Rogerland Restaurant with its smoked meat buf every Thursday.

And finally, I offer you this — a piece of art in downtown Little Rock that apparently depicts a rabbit doing pushups.

A tiny bit of searching on the Internet revealed the information that this sculpture is called "Rabbit Reach" and was created by Tim Cherry in 2006. It can be found on Clinton Avenue by the River Market.

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  1. Deb Light says:

    Is it named “Roger Rabbit”?

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