Red Chair Visits Bartlesville, Oklahoma — Part Four

Another post from Olive Swan

Tired of Phillips and Woolaroc? Too bad! Phillips built this town, so there’s still lots more to go. But today we’ll take a little detour into town to Oklahoma Wesleyan University. On the grounds stands La Quinta Mansion, built for oilman H.V. Foster, “the richest man west of the Mississippi.” (back in the 20s and 30s, that is.) According to the stories, his wife preferred living at their ranch, and after their deaths, the house made its way through several owners until becoming the admin building of Oklahoma Wesleyan.

These assorted photos show the La Quinta mansion and even some of the university buildings that are fashioned after the mansion.

The front sign of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.


The other half of the OKWU sign.


Parts of the OKWU campus, the buildings are modeled after the Hacienda-style La Quinta Mansion.


La Quinta Mansion, H.V. Foster’s city home circa 1930. Tours of the house are held every so often.



The front door of La Quinta Mansion on the grounds of OKWU. Currently, the mansion serves as the admin building of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.


As I mentioned a few days ago, Phillips 66 built this town, and Conoco-Phillips and Phillips 66 buildings and their parking lots take up most of the downtown city blocks. There are a few unique entrances to the buildings, built, no doubt, during the oil boom of the early 19th century.






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