Scenes from a Cell Phone Lot

After the wedding, Sally spent four days in Arkansas with her mom. She flew home on Saturday with a layover in Atlanta. Her flight was due at O’Hare at 2:54. I left home at 1:15 because I had to take Beth to her part-time job at Target on the way. (Her car was in the shop having a new clutch installed.)

Halfway to Streamwood, a storm hit. Massive amounts of rain fell for about 20 minutes. Stoplights were out, streets were flooded and traffic was slow. I arrived at O’Hare at 2:50, right about the same time the gas light on my dashboard lit up.

I texted Sally to let her know I was in the area and began looking for the cell phone lot. The signage was pathetic. There was the occasional direction to the lot, but in between signs there were plenty of opportunities to turn one way or another. After driving around in circles for a while, I found it as far from the terminal as it is possible to be and still be on airport property.


I parked for a couple minutes, and then got a text from Sally saying her plane was in a circling pattern over Indianapolis and wouldn’t leave the area for another 20 minutes. This gave me time to go get gas.

photo 1         photo 2

When I got back to the lot, the rain had lessened considerably. I’d brought a book, but I was too restless to read. I realized I had the red chair in the back seat, so I decided to take a photo.


This got me some very strange looks from the people in the other cars.

I then decided to make a complete photo record of the lot.









I kept checking the Delta web page online and texting back and forth with Sally. Her plane landed in Indianapolis, but they weren’t allowed off. At one point, she was told they were flying to St. Louis, but that didn’t happen.

photo 1(1)

I finally got so bored I drove to a nearby Target and wandered about and bought some Pepsi and chocolate. Back at the lot, I took a few more photos.






photo 3(1)

The plane finally landed at 6:00. By the time I picked her up at arrivals, it was 6:35. I had been planning on taking her home and then returning to Target to get Beth, but it was so late we just picked her up on the way home.

The sunset as we drove home was spectacular. I pulled over on Old Sutton Road and took a photo out the window. I didn’t do a thing to this shot, not even cropping. This is just as it appeared on my phone.


We finally got home around 8:15.

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