Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Navy Pier — Chicago, Illinois

We never did decide on anything specific to do. Not anything that was open, anyway. Michael, Scott, Dale, Linda, Jenny and I walked all the way to the end of Navy Pier. The thunder- storm hit just as we reached the end, so we walked all the way back to the front door inside the building.

This brought about the most serendipitous event of the day, our walk through the Smith Museum of Stained Glass. The museum stretches for about 200 yards along both sides of the main hallway. Large windows portraying religious scenes, floral designs, pastoral landscapes and various other designs were backlit, providing all the light in the area.

 We were fascinated and spent hours studying each piece. We could barely tear ourselves away, but we all promised each other that we would set aside a whole day and come back and spend it in the museum.

Adventure Rating — 5 (The big IF. If you’re in the neighborhood and if you have some time to kill and if there’s absolutely nothing else to do.)

OK, maybe it wasn’t all THAT exciting.

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