Southwest Chief — Missouri (part two)

I returned to the Lounge Car as we crossed the Missouri River. I grabbed the first available seat at one of the tables and took a few shots.

After we crossed the river, I moved up to a lounge chair where I stayed for most of the rest of the trip. Here’s a shot looking back down the car. The gentleman in the white shirt is the same person visible in the above shot.

I’m not sure why anybody would prefer sitting in coach to sitting in the lounge car, but it was about this empty all day. Maybe some people don’t like scenery. I do. For me, this trip was a blast. It was journey and destination all wrapped into one.

Central Missouri is mostly farmland with small towns scattered about.

Here’s the exciting town of Bosworth, Missouri. As we traveled further east, the snow cover increased.

I went downstairs to use the bathroom, and when I returned, this guy in the gray sweater was headed for my chair. I glared at him, and he moved down a couple seats.

We soon entered some very pretty hill country in northeast Missouri and arrived at La Plata, our first stop.

Gray Sweater left. A college student sat down in the next chair and began studying a textbook on teaching math.

The Lead Service Attendant came through and took reservations for lunch in the dining car. Since I’d never had a formal meal on a train, I decided to sign up.

To be continued …

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