Stoby’s — The Second-best Breakfast in Conway

Stoby’s is a popular place with the Conway, Arkansas, locals. It’s even had its share of celebrity diners. Scottie Pippen ate there at least once when visiting his nearby alma mater, the University of Central Arkansas — or so I’m told.


Stoby’s has had a few celebrity employees too — my brothers-in-law Jonathan and Phillip and my sister-in-law Rae Lyn. It is, in fact, the place that Jonathan and Rae Lyn met.

Rae Lyn was working the drive-through window one day when Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, came by. He was in the front passenger seat, but he made a point of leaning forward and grinning to show how important he was. Rae Lyn deliberately pretended not to recognize him, which I think is tremendously funny.

Anyway, my wife and I took off for two days while we were in Arkansas to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We were looking for a good place to eat breakfast, and Rae Lyn recommended Stoby’s.  I’d heard of the place many times, but in all the trips I’ve made to Conway, I’d never eaten there. My wife had, when out and about with her mom.

We were told that we’d almost certainly have to wait for a table. The parking lot was crowded. Several large pickups lined the front so I couldn’t get a better photo than this. You can see the famous drive-through window on the left.


Here’s what it looked like inside. We arrived at just the right time. One booth, right by the door, was open. For most of the time we were there, several people were waiting for a seat.


I ordered eggs, hash browns and bacon. They were good, but not great. Stoby’s makes its own strawberry jam. Another oddity — they don’t serve butter; just Parkay, that disgusting plastic-looking bright yellow substance that oozes out of a squeeze bottle. Anyway, here’s my breakfast. As you can see, my wife ordered grits. There’s no figuring some people.


Later, Rae Lyn told us that she’d heard that Stoby’s quality had fallen off lately and that it no longer serves the best breakfast in town. But if you’re in Conway and in the mood for strawberry jam and plastic butterish stuff …

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