Sybil Ludington Site — Peckslip, New York

Mom and Dad took Sally, Beth and me on a 10-day trip to New England. On the second day, as we drove through southern New York State, Mom noticed that the Interstate cut right through the town of Ludington. Shortly after Mom and Dad were married, they spent a winter in a tiny, unheated cabin in Peckslip on nearby Ballard Lake. We decided to get off the highway and look for the cabin.

We stopped at an auto repair shop for directions, but the guy never heard of Peckslip. We asked an old man walking down the road, and he was able to get us to the general area. The local mailman was no help. We pulled into the drive of an RV store. A guy came running out and yelled at us to either pull in or leave. Dad got out, and I pulled back on the road to wait. I just happened to be right next to this sign.

I remembered the Sybil Ludington stamp I had in my collection at home, so I jumped out and took this photo. (Note that her name is misspelled as Sibyl on the sign.)

Anyway, at the RV shop, Dad met a woman who was married to the youngest son of Freddie Ballard, a friend of Dad’s from the old days. She gave us directions to the cabin, which was still there but in ruins.

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