Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted’s is a national franchise, with many locations in Colorado and throughout the east (and one in Montana). But it has a fairly interesting story and the food was good—which is why I decided to post it on my blog.

Ted Turner decided he wanted to help conserve the American bison. To give farmers an incentive to raise them, he gave them a market—Ted’s Montana Grill, which features bison meat. I think this is a superb idea.

The men from my work got together on a Thursday for a social lunch. There were seven of us (of the nine who work in the office among 21 women). We had a small room in the back all to our own.

My daytime photo didn’t turn out, so I took another that evening when we took Karen and Nate to Bird Dog BBQ next door for Karen’s birthday.


James, Carl and Jason


Ron, Austin and Steven


I ordered a basic bacon cheese(bison)burger. Some bison I’ve had in the past has been dry, but this was a tasty burger and the fries were fresh-cut and excellent.


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