Teller County Food

Sally and I took off on Saturday morning and drove west through Ute Pass. We ate breakfast at the Hungry Bear in Woodland Park. It’s a typical pancake place, but the food was very good. It’s probably my favorite breakfast since we’ve been out here, although Sally prefers Mountain Shadows. 


We hiked until lunchtime. As we drove through the tiny town of Florissant, I spotted an interesting looking shop. It had a weird mix of way over-priced antiques and new-made furniture and a shooting gallery—and this …


Even though we didn’t buy anything, the lady working the place was very nice. She recommended the Costello Street Coffee House next door so we headed over just for fun.


The tables fill the front three rooms of an old house which is done up in Victorian furniture. We ordered sandwiches, which were tasty, and some chocolate, which wasn’t bad.



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