The Cat Came Back (but she missed the show)

For the past two years, Lindy has been in BIC (Bible Instruction Course) at our church. Today was the graduation, and as part of the morning’s festivities she was asked to read the Scripture during the 8:00 service. Sal was also planning on singing in all three services.

We left home at 6:45, but a few minutes into our 20-mile trip to church, I realized I’d forgotten my camera. We turned around and headed back home. At 7:05, I had my camera and was ready to leave the house again when I realized I hadn’t seen our cat all morning — or most of yesterday for that matter. I made a quick sweep through the house, calling and opening doors and cupboards. No cat. Sal remembered hearing meowing coming from outside when she woke up briefly in the middle of the night.

So we figured out what happened to the cat, but Lindy was still scheduled to read the Scripture in the 8:00 service. We took off at 7:15 and arrived in time. When she got up to read, I went to the back of the room. This photo is blurry because I didn’t want to use the flash during a church service and I couldn’t hold the camera totally still. She did a great job without a single mistake. For the rest of the service, she practiced a song with two other girls.

Lindy went to BIC during second service. I gave Sal the option of dashing home (a 70 minute round-trip plus the time it would take to find the cat) to look for her cat or sticking around to sing in the choir. To my surprise, she picked choir because there were only two other sopranos and she felt guilty leaving. After she sang, we went to Panera for bagels, then back to church so she could sing in third service. Lindy sat in the service with friends. After Sal came down, we sat in the car to wait for the graduation, which began at 1:00. Beth  joined us after she went to third service.

After eating a meal that was remarkably similar to last nights meal, Lindy and several other teens spoke about what BIC meant to them. Our youth pastor said a few words, we watched a slide show, then Lindy and two of her friends sang their song.

On the way home, it rained hard, which I figured probably wasn’t making our cat happy. It stopped raining by the time we got home at 3:30. I changed my clothes and went outside. I called for the cat several times as I walked along the side of our deck. Then I made a hissing noise that I always use to get the cat’s attention. Immediately I heard her meow, and a moment later a slightly-wet and very-ready-to-go-inside cat ran out from under the deck. She slept the rest of the day after her 30-hour outdoor adventure.

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