The Dancing Horse Theatre

On Friday, May 14, a group from work visited The Dancing Horse Theatre in Delavan, Wisconsin. We sat at tables along the edge of a circular arena and saw 12 or so acts with different horses and trainers. The entire place seemed rather rinky-dink, and I really wasn’t expecting much, especially after the first act. In that one, a girl came out and pretty much just walked a horse in circles.

But as the show went on, the acts got more impressive, and we had a great time. The arena was too dark for photos, and my flash wasn’t helping a bit, so I set my camera for night exposure and concentrated on capturing movement. I’ve cropped and adjusted the shading in a few of these photos, but the color and the motion effects are just as the camera saw them.  I won’t bother with explanation except in one instance.

For a routine called “I Spy” a girl came out wearing a dark costume with sparkles and riding a dark horse. She performed a variety of calisthenics on the back of the horse, then jumped off and on it a few times. All my camera picked up was a dark blur and some glitter.

And then she misjudged and fell off her horse just as I took a shot.

She was fine, although I noticed she didn’t get back on the horse.

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2 Responses to The Dancing Horse Theatre

  1. Katherine says:

    That one character is wearing quite the impeccable hat.

  2. n8 says:

    Too bad the red chair doesn’t make an appearance in any of these photos. That would’ve been interesting.

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