The Red Line

Nate and I headed into Chicago for a day of sightseeing. We rode the CTA Red Line from the loop to Graceland Cemetery and back. We picked it up at the Lake Station, where it was a subway …


… and got off at the Sheridan Road Station, where it was an elevated train.



On our way back to the el station after touring Graceland Cemetery, we passed the Ann Sather Garden on Irving Park Road. It was gated, but the gate wasn’t locked, so we opened it and went in for a look. A small gray sculpture of a sitting man called “Six Degrees of Contemplation” had it’s back to the sidewalk. It seemed to be falling apart, but a sign on the fence said it would be for sale in the Spring of 2015 … if you’re interested. The rest of the park was very pleasant, even if it was crammed into a narrow wedge between row houses and the el tracks.


I’m guessing this is a sculpture of a tree. We happened upon it on the corner of Sheridan Road and West Dakin Street, right outside the entrance to the Sheridan Road el station.


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