Top Ten for August — Numbers

My Top Ten Favorite Numbers Between 1 and 10

10. Three (3) — Three's a crowd and I hate crowds.

9. Six (6) — It just sits there looking fat, and besides, it's two crowds.

8. Two (2) — Boooooring.

7. One (1) — Is this even a number? I mean, if I tell you I have to buy a "number" of things from the store, do you think I mean one thing?

6. Four (4) — It looks like it's broken. It's even uglier when the top is left open.

5. Ten (10) — What's the big deal about base 10 anyway? Is it just because of how many fingers we have?

4. Seven (7) — Nothing really wrong with it, but I hate it when people cross it with that little line thingy.

3. Five (5) — Kinda fun to say. "Five"

2. Eight (8) — A couple of dots and — bingo — instant snowman.

1. Nine (9) — Not only is it sleek and cool looking, but it means "no" in German. Can't beat that.

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