Up Nort’ in Wisconsin

by James Jordan

Little Red drops in on cousin Addie, from the Rondack side of the family. Addie has a sweet job in guest relations at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan. LR wonders if he’s got what it takes for the job.


“I think I can do this,” says Little Red to himself. “How hard can it be to sit on a sand dune and wait for a guest to come by and sit on you?”


Addie invites LR to sit in on a staff meeting. Little Red decides to apply for a job.


After a series of interviews, LR is politely declined for a job at the resort.

“This type of position requires a strong back and a good set of arms, which quite frankly, you don’t have,” states the head of HR.

“I suppose having a big flat bottom like yours comes in handy as well,” replies LR.


Little Red is escorted out.


“Ah, well,” sighs Little Red. “Maybe sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan every day would get boring after a while.”


Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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