Volo Auto Museum

I’ll be honest. This place bugs me. It’s not a museum — it’s a used car dealership. There are other cars there that aren’t for sale, from movies and TV and somebody’s diseased imagination. And granted, the used cars are restored classics, but still … Paying $10 for the privilege of entering a store annoys me.

But Joshua and Angela were in town and we needed somewhere interesting to go that was close enough for Lindy to get home in time for work. And it was on my list of things to do in McHenry County, for which I have nobody to blame but myself. We spent about an hour wandering about. What brief bits I have to say can be seen by letting your cursor linger over the photos.

After we finished looking at the cars, we made a quick trip through the antique mall.

Although we didn’t buy any cars, we did have fun. We ate lunch at the nearby Ingleside Dog n Suds, about which I will say this … “If you miss just one of the remaining Dog n Suds, make sure this is the one.”

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