Warrens, Wisconsin

We packed up on Monday morning and headed toward home, but we made one last vacation stop at the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center in Warrens. Will, Margaret and Olive followed us.

The Discovery Center was pretty much all there was to the town. It is located in an old brick building that once was, among other things, a cranberry packaging plant.

The lower level is a museum about cranberry growing and processing.

It was well done and informative, although geared to fourth-graders. I overheard one of the guides saying that cranberry production was a required subject in that grade in public schools. The upper level was split between a gift shop and a cafe. Sal and I split a delicious but tiny piece of cranberry pie and a scoop of cranberry ice cream.

This huge pumpkin rotted in front of the museum.

The local library stood next to the museum.

I grabbed the red chair, took a book out of the library and took a photo. The book, if you’re wondering, is titled Whooos There?


Warrens is surrounded by cranberry bogs. We stopped on the way out of town and got a shot.


My recommendation for a town slogan — “Library on a Stick!”

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