Water Tower Place

Water Tower Place is a ritzy seven-story mall on Michigan Avenue right next to the Hancock Building. When we were at Moody, we used to go there all the time. On our first date, Sally and I ate at D.B. Kaplan’s on the seventh floor — you can read about it here. The restaurant is no longer there, but otherwise the place looks much the same. Much of the building is taken up by the Ritz Carlton, and we used to go up to the lobby and do homework or sit and chat in the cushy chairs by the piano bar.

When I was there recently, a girl in a pickup was handing out free cans of Monster. I didn’t get one. Notice the little girl on the far right clutching her American Girl doll.


Here’s the lobby.


And here’s the atrium with the glass elevators.


I got a kick out of this security guard. He was about five feet tall and wore a uniform at least three sizes to big.


This picture was screaming to be taken. You gotta love the colors.


There weren’t a lot of people around. I noticed that the Cubs’ store was particularly empty.


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2 Responses to Water Tower Place

  1. TimS says:

    Have I been there with you in the past? If it’s the same place, I remember paying a bundle for parking under the building and a crystal chandelier in the elevator.

  2. Roger says:

    I don’t recall being there with you, but yes, they have crystal chandeliers in the elevators, so this must be the place.

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